Learn with joy and agency in our new micro middle school, design camps, or professional development series

Micro Middle School

Square School is a new micro middle school launching in 2018 in the East Bay of California. We are inspired by constructionist learning theories, the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, and social justice activism.

Design Camps

We started hosting a variety of Design Camps for students ages 7-12 in December of 2017.  The camps are held in West Berkeley and they will occur during local school holidays/breaks.  Design Camps will allow young people to try out a variety of design identities as they experience joy and agency in learning with technology.

Professional Development

We are hosting a Professional Development series for k-12 educators that will start in March 2018.  The Professional Development series will focus on (Day 1) Game-Based Learning and (Day 2) A Creative Approach to Project-Based Learning, which includes developing project-based learning experiences that involve: play (game-based learning), making (makers movement), and design (design thinking).


Learning as a way of life.


We learn with experience designers (aka teachers) and professional designers (game designers, product designers, architects).


We learn through assuming a variety of design identities, producing as we toggle between the digital and physical worlds.


We learn in an open design studio, our town square, on cross-functional teams, with access to professional tools.


We learn in community, through developing empathy, and by rooting our designs in deep stories and histories from around the globe.


We learn in antidisciplinary, project-based challenges/learning experiences.   We play, we make, and we learn through the process of design.


We learn by following our own passions and experiencing agency in how and what we design.

Square School

East Bay's New Micro Middle School!

Square School Model Snapshot

New Private Middle School

Design, Project-Based Learning, Social Justice

Opening in 2018 with 6-21 young people

Plan to reach capacity, 84 young people, in 2020-21

Application process to be posted here on February 1, with due dates in mid March

Square School is not necessarily a school for future designers, rather it’s a school that taps into the unique interests of this age group and helps them to develop skills to impact their world.

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Join us at our Family Information Night on
Tuesday, January 30, from 7:00pm to 8:15pm at Neyborly's event space in West Berkeley, 2518 San Pablo Avenue

This event is intended for families with young people entering grades six or seven in 2018 and educational professionals from potential sender schools in the East Bay.

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Design Camps

Next Camp: February Break

Join us at our next Design Camp on 2/19, 2/20, 2/21, 2/22, and/or 2/23 from 9:00am to 3:30pm at Neyborly's event space in Southwest Berkeley, 2518 San Pablo Avenue.

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Professional Development

A Two Day Series, Starting in March

Join us for our professional development series on Game-Based Learning and a Creative Approach to Project-Based Learning. Sign up for both days at a discounted rate, or join us for a single session. The series will be held at Neyborly's event space in West Berkeley, 2518 San Pablo Avenue.

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We are currently searching for an amazing space to call home.  Most of our public events are held at the Neyborly event space in West Berkeley, 2518 San Pablo Avenue.


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If you have questions or simply wish to connect with more immediacy please call and feel free to leave a message, Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 17:00, call us at: 510.289.9082


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